The Muhlenberg Memories Project

Muhlenberg Correspondence 

and the Victory Flashes

Jack Blair III yearbook photograph.
Jack H. Blair III ’38
The stationery was much needed and valued, and immediately employed: According to Walter Feller ‘44, “I received the gift of stationery from Muhlenberg College and was very pleased by it. It was about the most useful gift that I received this Christmas, and I wish I could thank all those who made it possible to send us former Berg men such a fine present….
“Keep writing your letters about Berg and Berg men in the armed forces. It’s swell to hear about the college and how it’s getting along in athletics and other things, and your letters are about the only way I can keep track of what’s happening to a lot of my friends and former classmates. So keep on writing your ‘scuttlebutt.’” (28 December 1943)
Walter Feller ‘44
From Edward Brown ‘46: “You will notice that immediate use is being made of my Christmas present from Muhlenberg–thank you very much for the packet of ‘Berg stationery and also for your letter dated ‘Dec. 24.’ I appreciated them alot, especially since this is the first Xmas I have spent away from Allentown and my home.” (24 December 1944)
Edward Brown ‘46
The stationary, and the correspondence, served a dual purpose, according to Richard Erb ‘46: “Thanks a million for sending the stationery to me on Christmas — it certainly is wonderful the way you constantly keep us in touch with the College. There isn’t another fellow that I know who hears from his college like I do. Hearing about your classmates here and there certainly keeps a fellow close to home and also shows him how large the world is.” (25 January 1945):
Richard Erb ‘46
Robert G. Hale ‘47
Robert Hale ‘44
“First of all, I want to thank you and all the rest of the School and Alumni for my packet of stationery. That, together with that swell letter from Dr. Tyson and all your news letters certainly makes me very happy that I can say ‘I went to Muhlenberg.’ No kidding, Gordon, I think it’s really swell the way ‘Berg takes care of its Alumni in the services. You can bet your bottom dollar that I, for one, am looking forward to the day this mess is over so I can get back and finish up at ‘Berg.” (John More ‘45; 21 December 1944)