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History – past, present, and future – is forever to-be-continued. The present version of the Muhlenberg Memories Project is both illustrative of the stories that have been told and suggestive of stories that should be told. In other words, it’s an open invitation to students, faculty, and staff across history, engaged in any field or major.

Be a part of the Muhlenberg Memories Project. As a researcher, your intellectual curiosity and engagement are the key to an abundance of possibilities. As a storyteller, we would be honored to capture the oral history of your experiences while on campus.

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Current Opportunities

The Muhlenberg Memories Project (MMP) is offering opportunities for interested, qualified students to undertake a semester-long Independent Study project to help add to the narratives of the history of diversity at Muhlenberg College.

What is the MMP?

The Muhlenberg Memories Project team promotes and supports engaged scholarship, intellectual vibrancy, and active citizenship in our work with students. We are a collaborative group who desire to shed light on marginalized and silenced stories in the history of diversity at the college. The MMP team comprises

Susan Falciani Maldonado, Special Collections and Archives Librarian

Tony Dalton, Digital Cultures Technologist, Media & Communication Department, Instructional Technology and Media Services

Dr. Kate Ranieri, Assistant Professor Emerita, Media & Communication Department

After the Spring 2022 launch of the website Toward Diversity (, we are ready to move forward with interested students to expand the narratives and to further our understanding of the history of diversity at Muhlenberg College.

What is the “Toward Diversity” Independent Study?
This Independent Study offers interested students the opportunity to research an aspect of the history of diversity at Muhlenberg College and to earn one general education credit. This credit will be rostered with Media and Communication, but each student’s participation will include a discussion of how the credit might best serve their academic plans (for example, this credit might be applied toward the Africana Studies or Women’s and Gender Studies minors, etc.).

A candidate must demonstrate the ability to:

  • take guidance from the team
  • seek assistance when encountering obstacles
  • drive original research
  • collect data
  • analyze connections among ideas
  • produce a digital-ready document with text and images
  • communicate progress plan including milestones and deadlines
  • engage with and write about others in an ethical, respectful manner

In other words, unlike a course that meets regularly, an independent study student works without a prescribed schedule. Instead, the student and MMP team work together to determine a research plan. While the team may assign foundational readings to support the student’s project, the bulk of the research is initiated by the student to explore an area of interest, at the student’s pace, with full support from the MMP team which includes:

What’s in it for me?

Students will benefit from shared resources, a collective effort, and the insight, support, and imaginations of colleagues, staff, and alumni. Along the way, students will acquire valuable skills that will transfer to other courses and to careers, including archival research, interviewing skills, and storytelling.

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