The Muhlenberg Memories Project


In December 2019, doctors in Wuhan, China began treating dozens of patients with a Pneumonia-like respiratory illness. In a just few days, researchers identified the cause of the illness:  a new coronavirus Рa type of virus that affects birds and mammals.

Two weeks later in January 2020, the virus claimed its first life.

Since then, borders close, outbreaks spread, economies struggle, people shelter, and life as we knew it is left behind, never to return back to that normal.

Everything has and will change.

The novel coronavirus COVID-19 has greatly affected every aspect of our lives, including our College.¬† Students were sent home in March 2020, uncertain of the future of their education and campus lives.¬† We forge on in whatever way we can, continuing our dedication to our student’s experience, discovering how to teach and learn in our new environment, and centering our practices in the Liberal Arts ethos.

As part of the Muhlenberg Memories Project, it has and will always be our mission to bring to light the many stories that give prominence to the landscape, time, and history that shapes Muhlenberg College.  This moment in time is indeed shaping our now and our future history.

The digital narratives on this site are of the minds and voices of our students living in and coping with this new world. Their works will be archived as part of our larger College history, giving voice to this moment for future researchers and historians.