The Muhlenberg Memories Project

Bernheim House

Bernheim House, founded in 1959, was a women’s honors residence hall that required a nomination process of peers to earn admission. Later, it became a German house, and then a theatre house. Built in 1915 as the home of the College treasurer Oscar F. Bernheim ’92 (served 1907-1946),  the residence is claimed to have been haunted by Oscar’s ghost.

The Bernheim House by Jouman Barakat

The Bernheim House, a college gift for lifelong service, was built for the beloved, long-time staff member Oscar Bernheim. In his lifetime, he served as college treasurer, registrar and private secretary to President Haas. After his passing, his home was converted into a dormitory to initially house academically advanced women, then German speaking students, and lastly, theater students. While the home and gardens were demolished to make way for construction of the Center for Arts, rumors and sightings about Oscar Bernheim’s ghost remain.