The Muhlenberg Memories Project

Science Building No. 1 (Trumbower)

As Muhlenberg embarked on its long-awaited and needed building campaign in the 1920s, the first priority was a building dedicated to the sciences, even before a library and a chapel. The building was also the home of the main auditorium on campus, home of Mask and Dagger Club theatre performances as well as lectures and assemblies. Rededicated in 1971 in honor of Peter S. Trumbower’ 99, the building is home to Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics. The building also offers spaces for meetings and student-faculty research.

The Peter S. Trumbower Science Building by Olivia Salzman

The history of the Peter S. Trumbower science building embodies the liberal arts spirit that holds true today at Muhlenberg. As the college made a curricular shift from the classics to include the sciences, there was a genuine need for more space for science students. Serendipitously, the lecture hall became a popular space for Mask and Dagger Club students to practice and perform their theater productions. While the building was created as a powerhouse for one department, it became home to two of the most popular offerings—science and theater. The early example of dual functionality Trumbower illustrates the drive to cultivate innovative, well-rounded students.